Top 10 Cars That Are Cheap To Insure

With the spiralling cost of motoring and the soon to be implemented tax hikes on gas guzzling cars, many of you may be looking for a new car that will not only be cheap to run and eco-friendly, but also cheap to insure. Insurance companies don`t just consider your driving history, but quotes are heavily influenced by the ABI (Association of British Insurers) rating that is given to all new cars, ranging from the cheapest group of 1 down to a horribly expensive 20. Each numerical category is also given an additional alphabetic tag, with E the best and U the worst.

  1. Citroen C1- a fashionable French super-mini pips its rivals to the post as it boasts slightly superior security measures which may make all the difference when getting a quote.
  2. Toyota Aygo- the tiny Japanese tyke matches the C1 in most areas, especially in the desirably cheap 1E ABI rating on some models, but lacks the pure funk of its French rival.
  3. Peugeot 107- there is little separating these top three cars other than your own personal preference. The second French super-mini is identical to its rivals, including being in the 1E ABI bracket in some cases.
  4. Vauxhall Corsa- new body styling and large interior space make the Vauxhall Corsa a real contender in the cheap, fashionably small car arena.
  5. Chevrolet Matiz- this may be a rebadged Daewoo but the tiny 796cc engine make this very cheap to insure and buy, though it lacks the prestige or quality of interior of its rivals.
  6. VW Fox- replacing the older Lupo, the Fox is amazingly cheaper and bigger than its predecessor, with the 1.2 sporting and ABI rating of 1E and coming with alarm and immobiliser. You will be paying partly for the VW brand however.
  7. Ford Fiesta- an old, established name in small cars, the fiesta has only improved over the years with the 1.25 petrol engine version getting a 2E ABI score.
  8. Fiat Grande Punto- fashion, function and fun combined with a 2E ABI for the 1.2 Grande Punto make this car ideal for those who want driving flare on a budget.
  9. Nissan Micra- even if the styling of this Japanese super-mini aren`t to your tastes, the sheer amount of hi-tech kit included and the small engines available make this car a dream to live with and insure.
  10. Skoda Fabia- once you overcome the brand snobbery and realise that this Skoda, based on the VW Polo, is an excellent car with models with an ABI of 1, and though it`s not hugely fashionable it can provide cheap, painless motoring and relatively painless insurance hunting.

Lowering your car insurance can be simply done by lessening the amount of cover you require when you renew. Getting covered only for damage you cause to third parties with your vehicle is the smallest legally available cover, but will leave you to cover the costs incurred against your own vehicle. Getting lower car insurance can also depend on the optional extras which some companies apply to their quotes, but which can be declined and removed before you take out your policy, such as being given a courtesy car whilst repairs are being made after a claim. There are also insurance companies that deal only with specific types of drivers based on their gender, age, motoring experience and previous insurance history. When people buy cars thinking frugally about insurance is becoming more important as the cost of motoring increases.


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